Fashion Tips 2: Be Old Fashioned

All of my dolls love to be old fashioned sometimes. Here are some pictures.


Here are my dolls wearing some outfits from Kit’s collection.

Chrissa is wearing a nice pretty yellow floral dress. It’s an example of what young girls would wear in the 1920’s.

This is another good example of floral dress for young girls in the 1920’s.

This is a nice skirt, shirt, and sweater outfit from the 1920’s era. So if you’re tired of making your dolls modern, pull out some old fashioned outfits.


Fashion Tips 1: ACCENT

I’m going to try to do this thing to give you fashion tips for dressing your dolls. Here is the first one.


Kanani is wearing the American Girl Place jeans, an off-white shirt from the Cozy Plaid outfit, and a random ribbon I have. I decided add an accent color to her outfit. You can do this in any way whether it is with some shoes, a scarf, or even a hat!

Accents are a way to have fun and add color to an outfit.


Kanani’s Hair

Kanani’s hair has been aggravating me for a while. It got really, really, really messy and crazy. My sister, Emily, recently visited the St. Louis American Girl store and took Kanani with her. This is what the nice people at the hair salon did to her hair.

Isn’t it amazing? I wish I had a before and after to show you. When I would braid it before it would be small at the top and gradually got bigger as you continued with the braid. It’s perfect now!


Organizing Changes


Yesterday I changed around my AG stuff. Here are some pictures.

Here are Ruthie and Kit playing games in their room.

Here is an over view of their room.

Here is their nightstand which has a lamp and a Connect 4 game on it.

Here is the Dominoes game they’re playing.

This is an old nightstand that is under my desk. It is a great place to hang coats, purses, or posters (I pretend that the Doll Diaries thing is a bulletin board).

Here’s another picture of the two best friends.

Here is Kanani and Chrissa’s newly organized room.

Here is another picture.

Here is the table where they store stuff.

Here is Chrissa way up in her bed.

Here is Kanani’s bed which is next to Kanani’s nightstand.

In case you were wondering, this is where their bedroom is located: on top of my book shelf.

Here is where Kit and Ruthie’s bed room is located: next to my desk.

Here is where I store my AG clothes and a few other things.

Here is where I keep my doll hair stuff.

Here is where I keep their shoes.

Here is where I keep their dresses and coats.

Here is where I keep skirts, pants, shirts, pajamas, light jackets, and ponchoes

Here is where I keep hats, purses, and other kinds of clothes.


So that is it on the organization of my AG stuff. How do you organize your AG stuff.

New AG Exclusives

My dad went on a business trip Tuesday and came back today. He drove through Washington D. C. and picked up some clothes for me, Emily, and Rae. Rae received Ivy’s New Year Dress, Emily received Molly’s Ms. Victory Outfit, and I received AG exclusives. Here are some pictures of them on Kanani.

I love how they are skinny jeans. Just in case you didn’t know, the shoes came with Kanani, they’re not AG exclusives.

AG Blogger Awards

I am going to do something new. It is called the….

That’s right! I am going to be holding the First Annual AG Blogger Awards. I will be giving different awards to different blogs. The awards will be things like best pictures, best photo stories, best doll fashion sense, etc. I will give one blog The Ultimate AG Blogger award. I would like you to comment with different blogs for me to check out. I think this is going to be fun and I can’t wait to get started!